Cisco Meraki

To enable Blix services via Cisco Meraki APs, the Analytics Services for each AP must be activated and a list of each APs MAC address be sent to Blix. Instructions can be found below.


Enable Analytics Services on the APs

    1. Login to your Cisco Meraki Management portal
    2. Select the desired Network
    3. Navigate to the General tab
    4. Scroll down to the CMX section
    5. Enable Analytics and CMX API
    6. Enter the URL provided by Blix
    7. Enter in the secret code provided by Blix
    8. Click the Validate button in the bottom right corner
    9. Click the Show Secret button to the left of the Validation button
    10. The CMX section should look like the screenshot below
    11. Take a screenshot of this image and send to Blix
    12. Send the Validator string to Blix
    13. Scroll down to the bottom and click Save Changes

Send a list of MAC addresses to Blix

    1. Login to your Cisco Meraki Management portal
    2. Navigate to the Access Points tab
    3. Select the APs which will have Blix metrics enabled
    4. Click Download As and select CSV
    5. Send the export file to
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