How accurate is Blix Traffic?

Blix does not provide an “exact” count of customer traffic.  Rather, Blix provides an index of customer traffic and engagement, tracking trends over time of foot traffic, level of engagement (time on site) and cross shopping behaviours. We believe this index gives our clients unique insights into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, sales incentives, sales training, sales performance and customer behaviour.

The accuracy of the index depends on many things such as the layout of the physical location, WiFi device hardware, device operating system and user settings.  However, as long as the measurement techniques are consistently applied to the data, the index can provide valuable insights into marketing campaigns, sales incentives and customer behavior  

Many clients ask for specific examples to understand why the Blix Traffic sensor doesn’t provide an exact count of customer traffic.  These examples include:

  • Not all customers carry smart phones.  The world-wide penetration of smartphones is approximately 70%, although this figure is greater in higher income demographics.
  • Although most cell phones have WiFi turned on, some phones have this function turned off.  While the phone will still give out periodic WiFi pings, it reduces the “exactness” of the actual customer count.
  • Apple’s recent IOS 9 release includes the randomization of the MAC address from Apple phones for a majority of the WiFi pings.  Although the phone will still send out the actual MAC address under certain circumstances, this randomization will reduce the “exactness” of the actual customer count.  Blix has developed a custom proprietary algorithm that minimizes the impact of this randomization.  
  • In our experience, the accuracy of Blix Traffic’s Walkby and Visit counts relative to an exact actual count of customers can vary from 60% to 90%.
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