How does the Blix Traffic system work?

Blix Traffic measures an index of customer engagement via detection of WiFi “pings” from smart phones. On average, approximately 70% of all individuals carry a smart phone. This percentage is even greater in higher income demographics. Most smartphones have WiFi turned on and are constantly looking to connect to available WiFi networks. The Blix Traffic sensor ‘listens’ for smartphones within various ranges, detects their WiFi pings, sends anonymous identifying data to the cloud and is able to provide detailed analytics via the Blix online web portal.

Because not all customers carry smartphones (and not all smart phones have WiFi turned on), Blix does not provide an “exact” count of customer traffic. Rather, Blix provides an index of customer traffic and engagement, tracking foot traffic trends over time, customer engagement (time on site), cross shopping behaviors and more. We believe this data gives our clients unique insights into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, sales incentives, sales training, sales performance and customer behavior.

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